How Many NC Life Sciences Events Were Held in the Past Year?

NC Life Sciences Connect is celebrating our two-year anniversary and we thought we’d recap the past 12 months of North Carolina activity in the Life Sciences.

A number of conferences and special events bolstered the North Carolina Life Sciences community event calendar over the past 12 months alongside now established regular gatherings such as LaunchBio, the NC Biopharma Networking Group, and NC Biotech Center Exchange groups.

So, how many Life Sciences events were held in North Carolina in the past 12 months (including those planned for the remainder of August, 2019)?   

👍 365 👍

This exceeds our prior year total of 331 and is now at one per day on average.  Our assumption is that increasing levels of programming helps to sustain our vibrant Life Sciences community!

Our data comes from about 30 online calendars as well as various meeting notices.  The meetings and events counted are those that are open to group members and/or the public.  We did not count webinars and only counted events held in NC and those that were partially or wholly focused on the Life Sciences.  Finally, multi-day conferences counted once in our numbers.

Here is an overview by month viewed against the same month / prior year:

We thank all of those dedicated to bolstering the NC Life Sciences ecosystem and look forward to the growth of these numbers in the coming years!