In my search for content aggregation tools, I learned about Feedly.  If you don’t know about Feedly, I’d recommend checking it out.  I have entered 15 RSS feeds into a grouping I call “Life Science News” and love that they are sorted by headers of “Most Popular” and “Latest”.   I can scroll down the top stories daily on a desktop or app version and have a sense of what is going on in the sector without having to troll through dozens of individual emails!  If you have some favorite aggregation and curation tools, please share…



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  1. On a mission to aggregate and automate! I figured out how to do a combined RSS feed that is now the “Industry News” feed for this site. Still experimenting with it but it seems to work fairly well. The 1 thing I’d love to figure out is if I could display the RSS feed from a “most popular” rather than “date posted” view. Will work on it but in the meantime the sources I used are BioPharma Dive, Biospace, EP Vantage, FierceBiotech and FiercePharma, STAT, The Street and Xconomy EXOME. In order to create your own RSS feed, you do have to have the paid for version of Feedly along with a very cool IFTTT integration that automates news as it comes out. However, you can create more than 1 “master feed”! I can read top news in my industry in one place now versus dozens of daily emails!!!!

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